Curious about what a PaTi-PaMi concert looks like and sounds like? Watch and listen to some of our concerts and videoclips.

PaTi-PaMi with festival repertoire 2022

The title song from the EP Cuando: 'Cuando llegó el Verano' 09/2021

Idea of atmosphere during PaTi-PaMi live concert ( smartphone tracks from the audiance)

PaTi-PaMi: 2021 trailer The making of EP 'Cuando'

PaTi-PaMi: promoclip 2014: Composed by Robert Denies and Antonio segura

PaTi-PaMi featuring Vanesa Diaz Gil: vocals and sax.:live dec 2019

Cuando llegó el Verano ( EP Cuando 2021)

A l'autre bout du monde ( EP Cuando 2021)

'Mi Corazon y tus secretos' by PaTi-PaMi with Vanesa Diaz Gil ( vocals) nov 2019

'Luz del Sur' by PaTi-PaMi with Vanesa Diaz Gil ( rec. november 2019)

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