Band member Robert Denies

Robert Denies was born in Antwerp and discovered at a young age that he could give emotions a place with guitar.

After his academy he studied jazz music in the Antwerp jazz studio and classical guitar in the Kon.Muziek Conservatory in Antwerp.

In 2013 he went back to study and obtained his Master's degree in classical guitar with Roland Broux and Johan Fostier.

His passion for music cannot be pigeonholed.

He played in various classical, Tango, flamenco-fusion and Latino projects.

He played in permanent ensembles with, among others, Jose Toral, Stefan Bracaval, Jan Van Outryve, Ludo Mariën, Johan Machielsen, Juangra Moreno, Gabriel Valeria, Dairo Moreno, Johan Corrales, Niels Verheest, John Snauwaert, Bart Maris, Serge Dacosse, Javier Breton, Alex Otero, Lea Van Loo, Elise De Vliegher, Patrcia Alvarado, Antonio Segura.

Besides PaTI-PaMi, Robert is also active with the guitar duo Robert Denies & Danièle Van Os.

Through his many contacts with Latino and Brazilian musicians he also learned to play Cuban Tres and Cavaquinho.

With PaTi-PaMi, a dream will come true in 2014: a repertoire with completely original compositions that, with the input of Antonio Seguras's ideas, develop into a very original and spicy whole.

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